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by Shuffler Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:33 pm

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Our new Site!
Fri May 04, 2012 6:21 pm by Shuffler
So my buddy has this service were he extracts the database and imports it to a new hosting server. We have fully complete it. This our new link http://hacksociety.net/

You will be recieving a pm with your passwords. And thank you for your attention.

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Be Ready For The Moving Of This Site.
Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:06 am by Shuffler
Hey guys so Lately the site has been transferred by my buddy LGForum. We are going to be moving to the new server and i will post the link when we finish with all the design and then we will PM you here your passwords then obviously you will want to change them to your choice. All Topics, Posts, Forums, and etc. Have been fully transferred. So no need to worry about your hard work. The site will be placed under MyBB Style, This will be a new start to the Society! We must be ready together and please lets support ourselves and the future of Advanced Society. We will keep in touch

-Your admins The Shuffler, LGForum, HiFrag, Wendys

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Advanced Society VPS Server Selling | Official
Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:28 pm by Wendys
Baby VPS Server ($4 Root Access Per Month):
Operating System: CentOS 6 (64-bit)
Location: Chicago, USA
Additional IP: 1 x IP Address
Memory: 128mb RAM (256mb Burst)
Disk Space: 5gb Disk
Bandwidth: 250gb Bandwidth

Chill VPS Server ($7 Root Access Per Month):
256mb Guaranteed RAM (512mb Burst)
20gb Disk Space
1000gb Bandwidth (1Gbps Uplink)
1 IPv4 Address (Dedicated)

Dino VPS Server ($30 Root Access Per Month / $120 Per Year):
2TB Bandwidth
100GB Disk Drive
1 Dedicated IP (IPv4)
CloudFlare Enabled (Sponsored For CF)
4G Dedicated RAM / 2G Burst RAM
Location: Germany
OS: Centos 6.0 (x86/64 Bit)

Custom VPS Servers Form (Fill It Out And PM Me It):
Dedicated RAM:
Burst RAM:
HDD Space:
IPv4 Address's (10 Max + Dedicated IPs):
O.S (uBunto,RedHat,Fedora,Centos,etc):
Location Of Node (Germany/Chicago/Russia/Pakistan):

* I Will PM You Back Within 24 Hours Of a Price And If Wanted Must Pay First!
** Admin Wendys is a Reseller You Must Abide By The ToS At All Times If Not Your VPS is Taken Down!

::: ToS :::
1: No Harmful Or Hurtful Information (Including Child Abuse, Child Porn, Racist Things, etc)
2: No Backdoor'ing Servers, No Shells (Including Dos Shells, c99 Shells, etc)
3: Must Not Host Any Illegal activity or Scripts! (DoS Scripts, Botnets, Blackhat, etc)
4: Anything And Everything You Or Anyone Else Has Done Is Not My Irresponsibility, Your 100% Responsible For Anything that Involves You. I Will Not Be Held Liable For Anything.

You Must Agree To These Terms Before Buying From Me.

:: Contact ::
Skype: WendysHF
MSN: BenQuezach@live.com
PayPal: BurtonTech1@gmail.com (Donate Or Payment)
Xbox GT: oHTML
** PM Me On Here For Buying!

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New Feature !
Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:05 am by Shuffler
Hello AS users,
Today I am going to show you how to compose a notice in your post using css and table. First, please take a look at this demo:

Here you go Here you go Here you go Here you go Here you go Here you go New Feature

How to use it ?

Use this bbcode when you want to post a notice inside your posting:

You can increase the size, color, or any other bbcode effects to your text in the block. Just put the bbcode on the sides of your text.

[table class="cpinfo"][tr][td]Your text goes here! Your text goes here!
Your text goes here! Your text goes here!
Your text goes here! Your text goes here!

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[Info]Happy Day :D || Earn Double The Credits & More [Info]
Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:51 pm by Shuffler
Happy Day || Earn Double The Credits Info.

Status: Closed

What is Happy Day ?
*Happy day is a day where you will earn double the credits for your activity.

New Topic >> 10 Forum Credit

Post a Message/Reply >> 3 Forum Credit
*You normally don't get credits for a reply, due to spammers.

This will be a Happy day, it will run for 24 hrs.

How do you know its a Happy Day ?

The scroller in the Home Screen will Say "Its a Happy Day !"
Its a Happy Day !

Or if the scroller is of you can check out the portal or here and you will see Status


So this may take any day any time, be aware Smile

Any Concerns or doubts please ask.

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Updated Theme
Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:07 pm by Shuffler
Well as progress develops in Advanced Society, I have changed versions of themes and have updated it. To a more customizable theme.
If there is any critics about the new theme feel free to reply to the thread. If there is more dicussion about wether you guys liked the old theme, i will restore it Smile

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